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The Team

The Team



I am a co founder of Hitch ‘n’ Hop with my wife Anna. I’ve worked in a variety of mostly manual jobs ranging from floor laying to general building. My passions though are music and coffee. I’d have loved to have been a rockstar, drums, guitar or vocals but sadly am yet to be discovered! A mobile coffee business has also been a dream of mine for a long time. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with coffee. I can’t start the day without it and whenever I go out the first place I look for is a coffee shop, my favourite place to be. Needless to say I’ve been to many coffee shops all over the country and have found some real gems. I’ve learnt a lot from others about what I think works and what doesn’t. My wish is simply to make great coffee. Our converted Land Rover Defender looks amazing and would look great in photos at any event.


I am a co founder of hitch ‘n’ hop. My husband and I ‘up’d sticks’ from North London to the beautiful Hampshire coast for a complete change of life. My number one hobby is long walks with our dog and now I get to combine that with the beach. I also enjoy pub lunches, shopping and spending time with my family. I’m married to Brian who is also my hitch ‘n’ hop partner, we have 3 boys and Rollo the family dog. I love good coffee! I have no one favourite but my go to’s are cappuccino, latte, flat white and mocha. Since creating Hitch ‘n’ Hop I have enjoyed experimenting with different roasts and brews. I completed a barista course in London to develop my understanding of how to deliver this to others. Our Lymington based roasters have vast experience and have been invaluable with helping to develop our concept. I am so proud of our quirky, converted Land Rover Defender and look forward to bringing this to your special event to serve great coffee with love and a smile.



I’m Cameron the eldest son of Brian and Anna, the creators of Hitch’n’Hop. I’m in my final year at university, studying music production and music is my passion. I play guitar, drums and keys and have done some DJ’ing. Whilst at uni I have funded my social life with bar work and have had the best time. I love hospitality, I’m currently a bar manager at a restaurant and bar and I run a cocktail master class too which is great fun. I’m creative and have invented some new and exciting cocktails. My coffee choice is controversially cold brew and nitro and is a new and popular trend where I’ve been working in Surrey. This is something we have been working to develop at Hitch ‘n’ Hop. We also are working towards a prosecco bar where I will be developing cocktails and will be available to hire for cocktail masterclasses. These are popular for hen parties, private events and staff rewards. Festivals and events are where I love to be and great service with a smile is for me what it’s about.


I’m Rollo, I’m almost 4 and I’m in charge. I don’t drink coffee but I love how happy it makes my humans. Living by the sea is just the nuts!! Coffee gives you wonderful dog lovers an energising boost to take me and my fur friends for long, crazy walks on the beach. I’m at the beach every day and in the sea where I splash live beautiful innocent creatures whose lives are threatened by uninformed people who don’t dispose of their rubbish responsibly or recycle. Hitch n Hop are doing their bit by stocking reusable and collapsible coffee cups for sale, wooden not plastic stirrers and biodegradable straws. To encourage the use of reusable cups there’s 20p off each drink bought not using a disposable cup. #BeachLove 🐾